The Odyssey Recommendations

Book Cover of The Odyssey, by Homer


Excuse me as I rep my 4 years of Latin and (brief) interest in pursuing a degree in Classics/Archeology. Want to know what Odysseus was fighting for? Try The Illiad, also by Homer. Another epic poem, this covers the last bit of the Trojan War and has all the dramatic battle scenes and meddling of the gods your heart could desire. If you’ve already jumped down that rabbit hole, give The Aeneid a whirl, one of our final episodes. Written by Virgil, this nationalist epic tells the other side of the story, from the Roman, or Trojan, perspective. My attachment to these two legends can probably be attributed to the (ridiculously) fun video projects my magistra assigned to us in high school, one of which may or may not have included dancing to “Hoedown Throwdown” in the blooper reel.

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