One Thousand and One Arabian Nights Recommendations

Book Cover of One Thousand & One Arabian Nights


An Adaptation for Your Consideration: Skip Disney’s Aladdin (though fun) and watch the 2000 Hallmark miniseries, Arabian Nights! It’s the most comprehensive adaptation I’ve personally found, as a tv miniseries let’s Scheherezade tell multiple tales just as far as run-time goes, but it is also very fun! It’s got some questionable 2000s graphics and some casting choices as well, but for the most part, I really do think it’s a respectable retelling! 


If you enjoyed being taken through a number of different fairy tales in One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, you may also enjoy The Complete Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson. These fairy tales are dark and beautiful and follow a similar model to the Arabian Nights stories.

Another recommendation I have is the graphic novel series Fables by Bill Willingham. It is a very compelling series that follows a number of traditional fairy tale characters in our modern world. It’s very fun and complicated and it’s interesting to see well known characters in modern situations. The series also challenges your thoughts about traditional stories by adding a new spin.

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