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Created and produced by three college roommates and bffs, Wishbonafide is the podcast for which every book-lover and nostalgic 90s kid has been waiting. The 30 minute podcast offers a humorous look at the literary integrity and tween frame story of the TV show Wishbone, and of course talks about the talented terrier himself. Each episode features a guest host who joins the discussion, bringing a fresh perspective to the classical book and contemporary lesson analysis. What began as a half baked idea in a text message quickly transformed into a lively adventure brought to listeners by
Claire McCrea, Erin Venable, and Rory Nachbar.

Photo of Claire McCrea, co-producer of the Wishbonafide podcastClaire McCrea

Claire originated the idea of Wishbonafide, but required her cohorts to pull it off. Putting her TV experience to work where it truly counts – rating 90s kids’ TV on a niche podcast – she has lots to say about this masterpiece beyond just her love of books! Claire has spent the past few years freelancing in television and film, and loves to edit, play ukulele, and conquer D&D sessions from her home in Brooklyn, NY.

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Erin Venable, , co-producer of the Wishbonafide podcast
Erin Venable

Erin is a dog and literature enthusiast, so she is delighted to be a member of the Wishbonafide team. With an English degree and a lifetime’s worth of experience as a dog lover, it’s not surprising she loves discussing Wishbone and the literature it covers. Erin currently works professionally as a Program Manager at Dell  Boomi. She is a fan of reading, but also has a love of Netflix and video games to round out her nerdy passions. An actor and a travel-lover, she devotes time to all of her numerous hobbies and is always ready for new adventures.


Rory Nachbar, co-producer of the Wishbonafide podcast
Rory Nachbar

Rory can’t get enough of social media and marketing, despite it being her day job, so she spends her free time developing content and promoting Wishbonafide just for kicks. She also manages the podcast’s legal affairs, website, and design. When she isn’t on adventures with her co-producers, you can find her curled up with a good book or crafting and painting while binging crime dramas. She has spent the past few years doing just that…and moving halfway across the country and back again, shaving her head, obtaining two (2) cats, a partner, and some succulents named Fozzie, Statler, Waldorf, Sam, Gonzo, and Beaker (Bunsen didn’t survive the move).


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