Jekyll and Hyde Recommendations

Book Cover of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a book focused on the duality of man and the constraints that society puts on people. If you want to read more materials that explore this concept, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad tackles similar themes as his protagonist journeys from western society into the Congo. The differences between society and man’s primal instincts are explored in this expedition. 

For a fun adaptation of this story, check out Jeykll and Hyde the Musical adapted by Frank Wildhorn and Steve Cuden. It has powerful songs that cover the material and expand on it in interesting ways. It is dramatic and captivating and definitely something worth experiencing if you enjoyed the original novella. 


A Movie Adaptation for Your Consideration: While the 1931 adaptation of the novella is considered to be the most upstanding version, and Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical stands as my favorite, I wanted to bring attention to a series of trashy adaptations of this strange case because who doesn’t need some “so bad it’s a little good” in their life? First is Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971), in which the good doctor is turned into a hot but murderous woman in a gritty adaptation. Next is Edge of Sanity (1989), which is a horror that mixes Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with the story of Jack the Ripper. And Finally, The Nutty Professor (1963), which is a bafflingly bad comedy in which the doctor drinks a potion to become a suave player instead of an awkward academic, which despite its trashiness was even rebooted in 1996 by Eddie Murphy. Go figure! 

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