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Book Cover of The Hound of the Baskervilles


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a master of mystery novels and Sherlock Holmes is such a wonderfully iconic character it’s hard to compare these books to other mysteries out there. The series will be visited again in another Wishbone episode, but feel free to check out other Sherlock Holmes books in the meantime. Otherwise, I personally loved the Nancy Drew series as a fun and not graphic mystery series. Nancy solves many different cases, so there are a number of choices for people new to the series to choose from. She uses ingenuity and creativity to get through many different situations and these novels are interesting to sit down with.

To switch gears, I also highly recommend Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries TV series! It is a show set in the 1920s with a lead female detective, Miss Fisher, whose character is inspired by Sherlock Holmes. There are gorgeous costumes, fun characters, and plots that keep you entertained. There are murders and mysteries all set in such an interesting time period. Please watch if it appeals to you and enjoy!


What? You want an adaptation of a crime novel series about a partnership of crime solving British dudes who traipse about an idyllic location being wise cracking, whip smart, and  saving the day with their deductions and a little bit of action? Well, I have literally everything you could want in the long-running series, Midsomer Murders (1997-) from England. It is what anyone who has run low on Sherlock is dreaming about, and then some. I recommend this show as a lovely episodic TV series that doesn’t take much to keep up with, but exercises the mind each episode. Super sleuths ahoy!

Sherlock, Season 2 Episode 1. That’s all I have to say. Sure, you could say, there are very few adaptations of this specific short story, despite there being many version of Sherlock in the world of cinema. This is a modernization, so it isn’t word for word, but it is a spectacular television special from arguably the best modern interpretation of the great detective himself, Sherlock Holmes. The acting is superb, and there is tension and thrilling reveals lended to an age old story. So much yes! 

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